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Prehistoric Campsite Discovered in New Mexico

New Mexico Paleoindian CampsiteALAMOGORDO, NEW MEXICO—KTSM reports that an 8,200-year-old campsite has been discovered on Holloman Air Force Base in southern New Mexico. The site, known as Gomolak Overlook, has been protected by windblown silt and the formation of sand dunes, said 49th CES cultural resource manager Matthew Cuba. “This site marks a pivotal moment in shedding light on the area’s history and its early inhabitants,” he added. In all, some 400 archaeological sites are known in the region. “The Department of Defense’s stewardship of vast tracts of land, including areas between White Sands National Park and Holloman, inadvertently protects numerous documented and undocumented archaeological resources,” explained Scott Dorton, 49th CES environmental chief. To read about fossilized footprints uncovered in the New Mexico desert, go to “Ghost Tracks of White Sands.”

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