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This seated statue of a woman called Ninefertmin, would have been made in dedication to her memory in hopes of rejuvenating her spirit with offerings and prayers. It could have been commissioned by Ninefertmin herself, or by family. These types of portraits could often depict family members together, known as “group statues”, or husband and wife, or simply solo.

British Museum. EA65430

They would have been placed with the tomb of the deceased, or the chapel where offerings would be received.

This seated statue of Ninefertmin, dates from the 4th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom, c. 2543-2473 B.C. and currently resides at the British Museum (EA65430). It measures at 45.5cm and is made from limestone with paint still remaining.

British Museum. EA65430


Painted limestone seated statue of Ninefertmin
Old Kingdom, 4th Dynasty, 2543-2473 B.C.
British Museum. EA65430

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