Head of Senwosret III – Egypt Museum

This head, of the Middle Kingdom king Senwosret III, was discovered in front of the 4th Pylon of the Karnak Temple Complex in 1970. Made from rose granite, it depicts the king wearing the Double Crown (Pschent).

Luxor Museum. Original photograph by Olaf Tausch, 2019.

Measuring at 80cm, the face is easily recongizable as Senwosret III from other portraits of the king, although his successors would hold a similar resemblance, and mimicry of his features would be used in other sculptures, even by non-royals. Senwosret III, would be recognized by even the untrained eye, once you catch a glimpse of his unique depiction. His almond eyes, his prominant nasolabial folds, often downturned thin lipped mouth, and his prominant cheekbones, provide us with what we can presume may have been a realistic depiction of the king.

Khakaure Senusret III was a pharaoh of Egypt. He ruled from 1878 BC to 1839 BC during a time of great power and prosperity, and was the fifth king of the Twelfth Dynasty of the Middle Kingdom. He was a great pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty and is considered to rule at the height of the Middle Kingdom.

Granite head of king Senwosret III
Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, c. 1878-1840 B.C.
Luxor Museum.

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