A Family Portrait – Egypt Museum

This limestone statuette features a husband, wife and their daughter together for eternity. It dates from the 18th Dynasty was was discovered in Thebes, possibly Deir el-Medina, but uncertain. It measures at 32 x 15.5 x 19.5 cm.

Museo Egizio.
Cat. 3058

The male is painted in traditional Egyptian red, he wears a shoulder length wig with a fringe, and is bare chested. His fine white linen kilt (shendyt) is ankle-length and he is bare foot. Half of his face is destroyed, this could have been purposely but was likely an accident through time. His wife wears a plaited wig parted at the middle, which rests upon her bust. She wears a white linen dress with vest-style sleeves and a usekh collar.

The daughter is literally depicted as a tiny adult, two hands upon her lap, as her parents have one hand upon their knees and the other hand resting upon the back of the other, in a loving embrace.

The male seems to be holding a lotus blossom upon his lap.

Museo Egizio.
Cat. 3058

Family portrait, featuring a husband wife and their daughter
New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, c. 1480–1390 B.C.
Likely from Thebes
Museo Egizio. Cat. 3058.

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